Our pricing cannot be beaten from any comparable company that also has a one million dollar general liability insurance policy as well as workmans comp.

Free Estimates

Our greatest asset is our customers and we take our work seriously. All estimates are free for the asking and written on a formal proposal form.


We make sure nobody else gets in the way of falling debris as well. We are efficient and reliable at whatever task we are performing and we are very safety conscious.



Whatever kind of tree needs attention we are the go-to company for all North and Central New Jersey. We go that extra mile for our customers and we know it pays off big as we get a lot of referral business. Don’t forget to tell all your friends and neighbors about us and what an excellent job we did for you. Just have them Call: 973-577-7289 Or fill out this form by clicking here.


1. Satisfaction Garuenteed

Top Tree Service Newark means Satisfaction Guaranteed with every job. We do things right the first time. We actually care about impressing you. But of course safety first. We know what we are doing when it comes to safety. Call 973-577-7289

2. Professional

Look at this guy! He is a true professional at what he does. Call the experts today at Top Tree Service Newark and get that tree problem taken care of.


3. Customer Accommodation

Our Satisfaction Guarantee For Safety, along with your utmost satisfaction, is what is important to us. We do everything right so you don’t have to worry.


Top Tree Service Newark tree company has been cutting trees since 2003. In Newark, NJ we are widely known for our ability to cut trees, prune trees, and take care of your trees health. We believe in putting the customer first, which is what has brought this NJ based company to the place it is today.

When our workers trim, cut, or do any type of service to your tree, we make sure that safety is the number one priority. Our company,  Top Tree Service Newark, does not want anyone getting hurt on the job, or any of your property getting damaged. This is why all of our workers wear protective gear including helmets, safety harnesses.

trimmed tree service

Top Tree Service Newark is the top pick for all your needs. We excel at everything we do. You, the customer is who we rely on as our reputation is our most valuable asset. Please tell your friends about the excellent experience you have with us.

Top Tree Service Newark had a customer that had a tree fall on his house in the middle of the night because of a storm. He found us and called. YES, we actually answer the phone 24/7 365 in case you have an emergency just pick up the phone and let us know your situation. We will get a crew together and be there as soon as possible. We care about you and your loved ones so we don’t dilly dally. We get to you right away!

There is an art to tree pruning. Let our professionals do an excellent job for you. You’ll be glad you did! Just give us a call and we’ll come to take a look at your situation. We will give you a very fair price for the work needed.

We treat your house like it is our very own house. We respect your property from the time we arrive to completion. We come highly recommended from other services in the community. All work is guaranteed as specified. Our workers are insured for your protection. Call Today Top Tree Service Newark: 973-577-7289

Tree takedowns can seem like they might be dangerous. And without a true professional, they can be. But with our trained crews have no fear. Top Tree Service Newark can drop them where we want. And if there isn’t enough room to do that then we remove them section by section. No matter what your tree situation we have the knowledge and experience to handle the task at hand with proven techniques and methods that work flawlessly. We are careful to clean up all the mess so you don’t have to.

Call Top Tree Service Newark Today: 973-577-7289

We also install cables at two particular points to help tree performance and to avoid failure of a large branch. It is one way to prolong the life of some trees that would otherwise be cut down for safety reasons. Our professionals can advise you of the best way to handle any tree situation. Our advice is free in the form of a written estimate. Call today for your free advice and a written estimate. 973-577-7289

Cabling can be done in different ways. Notice here that we actually wrapped cable apparatus so we are not putting holes in the trees. Some people prefer this method over drilling into the trees and attaching cables that way. Top Tree Service Newark will advise you your options for the particular situation and will act on your decision. Just know that where there are options we will let you know so you can make an informed decision that is best for you at the time.

A storm had come through our area. Trees were down. Power lines were down. Some trees fell on cars, some on houses. We were as busy as we had ever been for days on end. One of the calls we got was from a very nice lady that said one of her trees had fallen on to her house and she was getting water in the house too. She asked could we please come and get the tree off her house. Top Tree Service Newark responded within one hour and was at her house right away. She was so happy to see us she was crying. We brought more than enough guys to get the job done right and get the job done quickly. But now she was left with a hole in her roof and it was still raining. We told her we do things like emergency service all the time and we had with us some taros to temporarily cover the house so water didn’t keep coming in. We tarped the entire area and secured it so she could begin to clean up the inside a little at a time. When we left she was smiling from ear to ear because we went above and beyond what she had asked and did everything we could to help her. We know as we do the right thing that we will be blessed in return. Please give us a call if you ever run in to a difficult situation. Top Tree Service Newark will be there as soon as we can.

Top Tree Service Newark customers notice our attention to detail. They mention it to us frequently. We do everything in our power to make sure to the best of our ability that you are totally satisfied with our service. We know that a happy customer is very likely to recommend us to all their friends and neighbors.

And just so you know we have all the equipment necessary to complete the task at hand in a professional manner from start to finish. We are experts when taking down a tree. We are the best at trimming too. We even excel at pruning for optimum tree performance. Thinning is another one of our areas we take great pride in. It is important to keep trees thinned out properly so the tree can stay healthy and also during high winds and stormy weather there is much less of a chance of tree failure.

We take our work very seriously. Sure, we smile a lot and have some fun along the way but we do take our jobs very seriously. We are there at your place and we respect your property to the fullest. A customer called the other day to tell us just how pleased she was watching us take a big tree down that was in a difficult place. Of course, we removed it with finesse and sure movements. We dissected that tree one piece at a time and disposed of it properly and cleaned up the mess. She said Top Tree Service Newark did such a good job that she could hardly tell we were even there except the big bare spot where the tree used to be. She is just one of many happy customers that have left us a good review on google or yelp or their favorite listing service.

We always will be at your house in a jiffy. Just give us a call and we will get to you as soon as possible. Usually right away. During an emergency, we can only get to so many people at a time so please call right away so we can put you in order and get to you as soon as we can. We value you as a customer and give our current customers top priority. We always clean up the mess so you don’t have to!

A guy called the other day and asked do we have all the equipment necessary to take down a huge tree that is very tall. We told him we own all our own equipment and we definitely have everything we need to do a fantastic job and not only that but we will do it for the best price. He said can you do a free estimate and we went out. Well, he was right. It was a huge tree. He wanted it to come down because he wanted to start growing a garden. We gave him a very good price to perform the work. He accepted our proposal and Top Tree Service Newark began the work the next day as he wanted it taken down as soon as possible. We completed the task in one day and had everything all cleaned up before we left. He was so impressed that we got it all done so quickly considering it was such a big tree. But when you are passionate about what you do it makes things a lot easier.

A funny story happened the other day. A guy called us but he had dialed the number incorrectly. He was actually calling a friend but he misdialed. When we told him we are a tree service he said maybe it was a good thing he didn’t dial correctly as he happened to need a tree taken down that was falling over. We said we can come out to do a free estimate and then he can decide if he would like us to do the work whenever he gets ready. So we went over to take a look and the tree was leaning quite a bit to the point where it didn’t look safe. We explained that it could be a hazard and he might want to consider taking it down pretty soon. He decided to have us take the tree down asap. It’s funny how things work out sometimes. Imagine he was calling a friend and got us by mistake….. or was it?

A lady called and said that the kids in the neighborhood were climbing on one of her big trees in the front yard and she didn’t want them doing that as she didn’t want to be responsible for one of the kids getting hurt on her property. We told her we get calls like that all the time and recommended she have us come out and trim the lower branches off the tree so kids can’t reach to climb up there anymore. She said that is what she was thinking too and we went right over. After we got done she said she was going to start sleeping better now knowing that the kids will have to find something else to do other than climb in her tree.

A lady called to say her favorite cat was stuck up in a tall tree. She said she needed a tall ladder and someone not afraid of cats to go up there and get the cat down for her. We told her we don’t normally do a cat rescue from a tree like that but she insisted that we just had to help her so we went over. Sure enough, the cat was way up in the tree so we sent a guy up there to get the cat but it was afraid and didn’t want to come down with him. After about an hour he finally got the cat to latch on to his arm and they both came down safely. That was our first and hopefully last cat rescue but at least it ended with a happy ending.




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